Learning to change the game and break the rules.

About Proos

About Proos

When Neal Proos founded this company in 1919, our team was manufacturing casket hardware and cookie die stamps. It didn’t take long to realize growth would include diversifying our product. So we started to follow the trends of Michigan manufacturing, and we partnered up with the automotive industry. During that season, we exclusively produced metal stampings for automotive companies. Through hard work, our business established itself. And, it felt like a lot of other stamping companies in the area.

Then Amy came along. As the 3rd generation daughter of the family, Amy started working at Proos in college. Under the guidance of her team leads on the floor she learned the same way we all do: by risking, failing and asking for a lot of help.

Through her work, Amy realized Proos was built on the drive and the skill she saw on the floor, not the paper pushed in the offices. For her, that realization changed everything. When Amy finished purchasing the company in 2010, she brought new energy and vision to Proos.  In 2011, sheet metal operations were expanded and a new facility was leased to open our sister company, Proos Fabrication. Since then, we’ve continued growing while also rolling our fabrication expertise under the umbrella Proos Manufacturing. 

By focusing on our core competencies, Proos became a leading provider of manufacturing and engineering solutions for the material handling, automotive, industrial, furniture, medical, defense and energy application industries. We started leveraging our grit and determination to solve people’s problems instead of read market trends, and it has changed the way we do business.

In 2018, President Bryan Howard purchased the company from Amy. After years of shared vision and working together to grow the business, Amy recognized Bryan’s capacity to help Proos thrive. Because while Proos isn’t in Bryan’s name; it’s definitely in his blood.  Today, the company continues moving into the future with confidence.

After nearly a century of playing by the rules, customers now hire us to break them.


If someone says, ‘it can’t be done’ we are going to figure out how to make it happen.

Matt Umstead

To succeed at Proos, it’s simple. You have to put in the time. And give 100% effort no matter what.

Community Involvement

Community Involvement.

When it comes to our local community, we like to support programs that are empowering and bring hope. Our company also values initiatives that care for a few key audiences: children, women, and people in need of a second chance. Proos has cultivated a culture of care, both within our company and beyond it. Here are the organizations we currently support:

  • Guiding Light
  • Kids Food Basket
  • Toys for Tots

In addition, Proos adopts families in need during the holidays and offers support to local elementary schools.